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The future of cruising is almost here!

Cruisetouch is a modern social-networking, review and informational platform designed to connect and empower cruisers around the world, and we're launching soon.

Modern Technology & Communication

It's no secret that cruising websites are old and outdated with unreliable technology. Cruisetouch combines the most modern technology available with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create the ultimate social experience for you. We understand you as a person, not a number or a name.

Cruisetouch created the first ever cruising chatbot on our Facebook page, and will boast dozens of amazing, never-before seen features on our website, allowing for users to communicate, learn and share with the click of a button, real-time, around the globe.

Effortless Sharing

Share your reviews, thoughts, personal blogs, photos, videos, adventures and experiences with cruisers around the world effortlessly. There's no fee, and no need to set anything up - we've got it covered.

Get Social

Cruising is all about socialising, and we want Cruisetouch to be the same. Add friends, create your profile, chat on the forums, send messages, give reputation, climb the leaderboards, create a blog, read a blog, create and join groups, roll-calls, pages and a whole lot more.

Need someone to share your love of cruising with? Need a buddy to cruise with you? Our rapidly growing community combined with our social features are here to help.

All of the Information You've Ever Wanted

Cruisetouch uses complex algorithms and public fueled responses to create a massive knowedgebase for all of your cruising questions - if you've got a question, chances are, we have the answer. Our friendly and bubbly community are always answering questions and giving opinions on our groups, blogs, forums, roll-calls and chat.

Awesome Now Fits in your Pocket

Browse Cruisetouch on the go, with our modern and responsive site designed for all devices, whether it's your tablet, phone, laptop, PC, iPad or smartwatch. We're also working on apps for your Smart TVs, watches and phones.

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